23 Years Later

Happy birthday to myself. 

I finally reached it. 23 years old.

There’s nothing particular with this number, I’m not legally major in another country. I will not receive something special or even being able to to something particularly special.

Except the reference with the NBA or a famous song, there is nothing behind this number. There is even nothing special today, it will be a day like another. Maybe a worst day than another.

I just wanted to use that day do point the end, or the beginning of something.

To point my progress, quickly look back at what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplish, and where I ‘m going for the next few years.

I also want to use that day as the a new start for me. I’ve done many things in my 22 that wasn’t really planned for now and it makes me growth a lot at different points.

I don’t have the same look at the world, at people and what I’m thinking about all of that. Same for work, money, partners, relationship, friends and family, all of that.

At the beginning of 2018, I’ve some goals to achieve. I wanted to be able to have an extra 1K from my freelance work, next to my apprenticeship and school. It was my main and first goal for this year and I wanted to slowly grow my freelance activity until I finish school. I will skip the others little goals for now.

Fast forward on 2018, I’ve dropped out school, I barely accept freelance job, only the one I’m really interested to, and I’m a full time entrepreneur (and I can hopefully make a living of it ). My vision about work and money completely changed during this year, my goals too.

Another big point in this year was my trip in China.

I wanted to go there for the Chinese new year, and some friends there that I wanted to meet. This trip actually blew my mind. It also changed my my vison on the world, on people, on relationship, on almost everything. I knew I wanted to travel a lot before this trip, but after that, I was sure about it.

Not just travel the world to say it on Instagram or Twitter, but to discover new cultures, new people, open my mind to a bunch of new things and having another way of thinking.

I can without a doubt put my trip in the top 3 of the best moments of my life. And I say top 3 just to not say top 1. In this top, there also some other trips that I made.

Traveling is like a therapy for me, It’s kinda like I’m going to another world, being another man, I’m truly myself. All the people I’ve met, all the stories I’ve heard, all the things I’ve experienced or felt, it’s something unique that I only have access during my trips. So for the nexts years, traveling and meeting new people, new culture, and new stories will be something that I will truly develop and preserve.

With the good things always comes some bad ones, and this years, I had a few ones.

It wasn’t easy or cool everyday. I actually had to manage some family problems. Also, I kinda made a burnout because I thought that to be successful I had to work 20 hours a day. Thanks to that I became more healthy in my work, and more selective.

The bad parts is what make us better with time. As I’ve experienced some of them, moments when I thought I couldn’t make it, moment when I wanted to stop everything, thanks to them, I finally can say I made it, or at least, I’m on my way to make it.

For this new year, my 23 and 2019, I’ve some bigger goals, and I’ve still a lot to learn to growth at many point. I also want to discover a bunch of new things and people. I can’t wait to be in 2019 as for now I’m ready and free to completely do what I want, when I want.

Always listen to your heart and what you truly want in life, to be able to enjoy and learn as much as you can. There will always be some bad times, but we should not keep away the good ones because of something or someone which we’re not completely agree with.

Live your life as you want it to be, not as others want.

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