Hey There, 
I’m Erwan, also known as Borombo.

What can I say about me… 

I’m 23, I currently live in France, I’m a native mobile developer and I’ve dropped out school to be a full time entrepreneur 🚀

I really love everything related to mobile apps that’s why I choose the development path. Except my main development skill, I also know about design and marketing applied to mobile
How to transform an app idea into a business in other words.

Talking about business, I fell in love with entrepreneurship few years ago, and I’m now a (beginner) full time entrepreneur
You can learn more about my apps on the dedicated page (coming soon).

Even if I don’t personally love schools in general, I’ve a passion for education, from learning to teaching !
I’m actually a mentor for young developer who wants to learn how to make apps and I’m working on some online courses. 

Next to that, I’m really interested about everything related to psychology, I love reading, and I practice boxing (Muay Thai).

I think that’s all, you can follow my journey on almost every social platform, but if you have something you want to tell or ask me, don’t hesitate and come say hi !