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Android : Use ADB over network to debug

I discovered something interesting these days about android : we can run ADB over the network. This means that we can test our app without having to plug our phone. 
Actually, unless you have a tester at the other part of your house and that he have to test in live, it’s not something really exceptional. But it’s appreciable to have a cable in less on your desk.

There is two ways to do it :

With a rooted phone

Obviously, the great features are always available with a rooted phone. 
It’s pretty simple, you have to download an app on the store with a name similar to “ADB over network” (obviously). 
I have tested this one, and it works pretty well. Actually, the app just allows you to enable or not the feature, and then give you a single command to run to be able to use adb over your network. The command is something like this :

adb connect IP_ADRESS

IP_ADRESS corresponding to the IP of your phone on your network. I think you got it.

With a non-rooted phone

Surprise, I also have something for the one who don’t want to risk to transform their phone into a solid brick. 
Here the solution is almost the same, but it requires a little additional step.

You can download this app and follow the instructions :

You will have to connect your phone to the computer (only the first time don’t worry) and then it’s pretty much the same, you will get the IP Adress of your phone and run the same command.

After that, you will be able to run your app in your phone as long as it’s connected to the same network than your computer.

Obviously, I think I don’t have to precise that you should only do that on your local network, on not try to do it on the network of the nearest Starbucks…

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