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Be Inspired

I was actually planning to make my next video for my other French blog, Rookie Hustler. I should prepare one of these video that I call “Let’s talk” : I choose a subject, and I just talk about it, without preparation. The first time it was about ambition, if you’re interested, I put English subtitles on my videos. The new one should be about communication.

The idea

I had a course about communication. My teacher was awesome. In a day, I really learnt a lot, that’s why I wanted to talk about it in my next video. I talked a lot with this teacher about communication, my goals, entrepreneurship and all that stuff. She suggested me to watch the Ted talk of Simon Sinek about leaders. I thought that it could be good to watch it before making my video about communication. Just to have a great inspiration. She told me that it was the most famous Ted talk. I usually watch few of them when I find them, but I thought that it was weird that I never saw it.

Today is the day

Today is the day that I prepare my video for the next Friday. So, I search for the Ted talk and started to watching it. After the few seconds, I noticed that I already saw an extract of it, I don’t really remember when but I did. After the two first minutes, I was completely hypnotized. As much as I just pause the video to start writing this. Just with his way of talking, the subject, I feel inspired, I already feel what he wants to share in his talk even if he didn’t start talking about his main subject (the golden circle). I know I will learn a lot in few minutes and I’m really excited about this, it motivates me to work a lot, just with few minutes. Try to have this feeling. Find people who can motivate you just with few word, who can give you all the strength that you need to go forward just with some simple idea. That’s how I feel now.

I will finish the video before finishing this post, I come back in few minutes !

After few minutes

As expected I was captivated by the talk. I remembered the first time that I saw it, but it didn’t have a big impact as today. I wasn’t in the same mood. Today I think big, I have goals, and even the smallest thing will boost and inspire me. I think at the time that I saw it for the first time, I wasn’t “ready” I just thought it was “cool”. I think that this video is a must watch for every entrepreneur, but it looks also so obvious. Personally, I do what I do because I believe in it, and it seems normal to me, but it’s not like everybody think. It’s clearer for every entrepreneur who take risk to achieve what they believe for. As resumed in the talk, do everything for what you believe, and not for the result.

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