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Feel weak but not give up !

Feeling weak

These days I didn’t fell that good. I was a bit tired, like sick. Didn’t have much motivation, didn’t wanted to work, didn’t wanted to make effort, I thought a lot about myself, my work and my goals. You know, it’s something common for all entrepreneurs, to doubt of yourself sometimes. All is not beautiful. You can have a lot of troubles and problems during your journey. It could look like it’s just beautiful. You follow your dreams, your goals, you do what you want. But it’s not like that everyday. In my opinion, being an entrepreneur or having some projects is mainly about mentality and mindset. You have to be strong in your head to face everything. It can be a technical problems, money problems, haters, personal problems, everything. The smallest things can make you doubt. And it happen more often that you think. Personally it happen to me often. For some reasons I will not feel good, not having interest on what I do. I will thinking about give it up. I read somewhere that the keys for an entrepreneurs is to be focused/motivated and have support. As I am not a superb communicator I don’t talk a lot about my projects and goals. It also means that I don’t have much support, but I find it by myself by following inspiring people, when I see some articles or videos, it’s my way to supporting myself. I also talked about it in my last post. Music is also a great source of motivation for me. By listening some music I can become really boosted. Scientists have proven that music can influence our mood in many ways.

But not give up

To come back to the main subject, I didn’t felt good these last day. Also the month of November is a bit special for me and bring me bad feelings. I worked hard everyday (and night) since around 3 months now without taking a real rest, and it becomes difficult, mainly these days.

Hopefully, it generally doesn’t last a long time. I found a long post on Linkedin, from another student entrepreneur. Simply, she said that we can all do what we want to do, if we have some projects, we have to do them. The real mistake will be to not doing them. Also something that really hit me is that she mentioned that «  97% of entrepreneurs who give up will work for the 3% who don’t » (or something like that). It works for every job, as an employee you mainly work for someone who had an idea or a project that he wanted to realize.  This made me think a lot in a short time. I want to be the part of these 3%. Everybody can be, but it requires a lot of will, energy, motivation… Writing this post made my motivation come back. I went throught other of her posts and they all motivate me. One person can write the right words that will push you up. It’s normal to be weak sometimes. The hardest thing is to be able to get up and continue.

It’s friday, and now that my motivation is back, I’ve planned a lot of things for this week-end ! You will probably hear again from me soon !

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