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Let’s make an app ! #1

We are here today for the first real post “Let’s make and app”. In this one we will start to working to make the application. It’s also here that you will start learning some things, or not if you’re already used to.


The very first things that I do and that everybody should do in my opinion is brainstorming. If you are/have a team, do it all together. If you are alone like me, do it alone, the goal is the same. You sill have to think about everything about the application and write it all. Use a board or just paper if you want, and write it all. Don’t think about if it’s good or not, too complex or not. Not about the cost or the time neither. Just put it all in one place. All the features you want, how do you want them, how do you imagine it everything. Doing it on many days can also be good. You will have time to think about new things. It was the case for me, I thought about it few times, on different days and write it all on a notebook.


Now that you have all your ideas features etc.. You will have to organize them. For that you can still use paper, or also some online tools. Personally, I use Trello, it’s free, good, simple and it do the job well. What else ?
Well, Trello is usually used to make a “Todo, doing, done” board. And that’s exactly what we will do here, but I will add one more thing, a “Features” list. In this list, I will put all the idea, options, tools that I thought about for the app. Even if I will not do all of them, I put them here. The difference between the Features list and the Todo one is that the card on Todo will be the one that you will do for sure. Features can have cards that you will do later, in weeks/months or even never. Put everything in feature, and only what you will really do in Todo.


The last thing to do is to categorize each thing that you put in the Feature list. In Trello, you can put some label on the cards. The idea here is to have a different label for each categories. For example, one for design, one for development… I think you get it. It will help you to visually know in which category is a card. For example, that’s my Trello for my app currently :

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You can see the different lists – Features, Todo, Doing, Done – And the color label for each category.

Thanks to these few steps, in a few times you have all your ideas, categorize and organise, you are well prepared to start your app !

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