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Should you quit entrepreneurship ?

Entrepreneurship is like a job. A job with more or less more freedom than a regular job.

Why I started entrepreneurship ?

At the beginning I wanted to do like everyone, get my degree, get a good secure job as an IT engineer, found a family, have a big house, a big car, you name it…

With time, experience and meeting some new people, I discover freelancing, and it was the freedom for me. You’re your own boss, you work on what you really want, from where you want.

The paradise.

So I changed my plan, and I started freelancing as a side hustle during night and weekends, until I finish my degree and then, I could be able to do it full time.

With my little part time experience, I noticed that something was wrong with freelancing.

First, it’s not that easy that you can think. It’s not that “freedom”. This freedom have a price, you have to be able to discipline yourself, and you even have to work harder (sometimes) than for a regular job. This part wasn’t the real problem for me. My problem was that it was the same that before. I still work for someone to pay me.

Yes I can choose from where, yes I can choose the missions, the technologies etc… but that’s the same. I still have deadlines, I still have to work FOR someone, it’s not my project, it’s not my dream projet idea that I want to work on since years now.

From this I slowly discover entrepreneurship.

Actually a lot of people usually say that freelancing and entrepreneurship is the same, but it’s not. You can be one without being the other and you can be both. To simply show the difference I will use the terms of Robert T. Kiyosaki :

A freelancer is a system by himself, an entrepreneur is someone who create a system that can run without him.

By system, you can understand a business, a company, a product, you name it.

Fast forward in my story, I stopped school, I’m now a full time freelancer and entrepreneur.

My dreams came true, I’m now free, and I can work on what I want.

And I’m doing absolutely nothing.

I have some plans, some idea, but in the last week, I put nothing on execution. I only do almost the minimum to keep my minimum incomes.

So should I quit entrepreneurship, it’s maybe not something for me ?

That’s what I asked to myself today. And also few weeks ago, and few months ago.

That’s the point with entrepreneurship, there’s not only days when you’re at 110%, when everything is fine, when you always want to push yourself out, and be as much productive that you can. It’s also being able to take times off, think about yourself, your goals, to be sure to go in the right way and be able to get back at it with a fresh mind !

If you want to quit at the first problem, issue, mistake, well yes, you should. Entrepreneurship is a game where you will lose a lot before you learn how to win.

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