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What is mobile development ?

If you didn’t get it yet, I’m a mobile developer. This mean that I can make Android and iOS apps. I just wanted to make it clear before start.

What is precisely mobile development?

A lot of people asked me what I do and how I do this. Everybody know that is about coding and all that stuff but… that’s all? That’s not.

I think that mobile development and generally mobile apps are not recognize like they should. That’s normal, everybody can have a lot of apps for free. And even if for some you have to pay, it never gets up to around 10 $/€. So, for everybody an app is something easy to get and cheap. These pasts years, medias talk more and more about mobile apps, so slowly, people start to understand that it’s not that free, it costs a lot, and mainly for games, it requires a lot of times and skills. As I seen around me, people think that all apps are like “Flappy bird” or “Snapchat” at the beginning. Easy to develop, you put in in the store and boom, a lot of download, with ads, a lot of money and done: You’re rich. Again, it doesn’t work like that.

Even for people who works on IT development, they don’t really consider mobile development. How many times I heard “Mobile development? It’s easy, I can do it too. If you want, in two weeks I can make an app” or something like “Mobile development is not development, it’s playing, insert tech development is the real thing”. To all these people, you’re wrong, Sorry but not sorry. First, all techs developments are “the real thing”. Second, you can’t make an app in two weeks (more or less) if you don’t know what you’re talking about. No, you can’t make a good Android app just because you know Java development. No, develop an app is not fast. If you want to make it good, it is not. Obviously, it’s like everything, you can make it fast, but I can guarantee that it will not be good.

So, what is mobile development ?

It’s a good question that deserve a long answer. But I will not give that long answer, I will give you quickly my point of view. I guess that if you are here, you’re at the right place to learn about all of this, so I will let you time to discover this.
Mobile development is about… development. Right and…? It’s also design and marketing. Like everything you will tell me. Sure. Does a Java developer have to care about the front integration? Not much. Does a Java developer have to know what is a Grid Layout? I’m not sure. Does a Java developer have to handle assets, colors, font, animations…? I’m really not sure. It was just some examples, but what I mean here is that mobile development is a whole world. Android have a world, iOS have one too (what, Windows Phone? What’s this?). There are some things in common but also a lot of differences. If you want to know about one of these world, you will have to take time to discover it. And by time I don’t mean few days, I talk about weeks or month. And this only to understand the mainly things to know to make A GOOD APP.

Finally ?

For sure, you can fast make an app (I will not talk about cross-platform tech here). But it will not being good. For the ones who have an app idea and want to make it by themselves, take time to understand this world. If you don’t want, find someone who know it. But please, don’t do thing without a minimum of knowledges. You can’t make a good website if you don’t know how internet, networks, servers etc works. It’s the same for mobile development.

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