Your million dollars app idea will (surely) not work

I wanted to talk about it since a bit of time as I often face this situation.

Actually I think we all passed by this at a moment in our life : You wake up, you’re in your shower, and then, you think about the idea of the year. The thing that everybody need and want. You think about it, how you will make it, how it will works, how you will become millionaire… And you probably forget it after few minutes/hours.

Some of us really have great ideas and start to make them real. But when it comes to make them real and work on it, they become realistic. They start to see the real problems, the “bad part” of any type of idea. The real part of the business. Having an idea is great, make it real is completly different. You have to think about a lot of thing, and take into consideration a lot of parameters. And there is the others.

Some others will stay stuck on their first impressions but will want to make it real. I met and discussed with some of them. They come and say :

Hey, I’ve an app idea, I’m sure it will works, we can easily learn many millions with it.

No documents, no stats, no market research, most of the time, no idea about how make an app. But they’re persuaded that they will become rich with their app idea.

In this case, I’m pretty sure at 99% that it will not works. The idea could maybe be good, but the guy who have it doesn’t think in the right way.

Also most of the time, they come with a tons of complex features. They don’t think about the user, they think about their ideas and how they imagined it. Maybe nobody want to use their app in this way, but they don’t think about it, they just think about themselves, their ideas and how they will becoming rich.

So maybe you can have a millions dollars idea, but unless you worked on it since a lot of time, made a lot of market research being sure on how you will work on it, deploy it and test it (and even then, you can’t be completly sure) nobody will trust you if you say that you have an idea that will make you rich.

At worst, just say that you have an idea, and keep the million in your head until it become real.

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